Off to Munich High End

I'm packing my bags and leaving my office for a few days! I'm off to Munich High End to see and hear the latest in audiophile developments.

Munich High End is Europe's largest and most prestigious hi-fi trade fair. The "High End" events have been running since the early 80s and have grown to fill up three halls of Munich's MOC exhibition centre. This year almost 1,000 brands will be on display with some interesting side shows including in-car audio and live performances.

To tell you the truth, I'm no audiophile myself. I love music; listening, collecting, browsing, understanding. The perfections of audiophilia have, however, never really appealed to me. However, as hi-fi has merged with the world of computer audio there are more crossovers between the worlds of computer library management and high end audio equipment than ever before.

So I'm off to Munich to talk metadata and cover art! I am looking to talk to software and music server manufacturers, users and installers as to what metadata means to them: the challenges they have in getting it, managing it and manipulating it.

I'm also particularly interested in taking a look at Roon, some new software which is causing quite a stir in the computer audio world.

Now, where did I put my passport...

Thanks to Daquella manera for the image above.
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