VortexBox 2.3 released

A quick note to announce that VortexBox 2.3 has been released!

VortexBox is a free music server and player, ideal for computer music collectors. It's actually a complete music operating system suited for installing on a computer, replacing or used in preference to your existing operating system. If you don't fancy going through the process of installing it, or you simply have no spare hardware to install it on, you can purchase ready-installed versions.

Server improvements

Both Logitech Media Server and PlexMedia Server have been updated.

LMS has been upgraded to the latest community-maintained version. This is a positive move; it means work done by the Squeezebox community can be enjoyed by VortexBox users. A couple of examples of this are in the new VortexBox release: a plug-in to access Google Music from a Squeezebox and one to interface your Squeezeboxes with iTunes.

Player improvements

Probably the greatest advances in this release are for those that use VortexBox as a player.

VortexBox has adopted Fedora 20 which means better all-round hardware support. That hardware includes newer DACs, a welcome addition for computer audiophiles.

Similarly, for audiophiles, DSD is now supported out-of-the-box.

Finally, Squeezelite is now included. Squeezelite is a useful piece of software for Logitech Media Server (formally Squeezebox Server) users. It runs as a headless music player that connects to your LMS, from where you also control it, using the LMS Web interface or any of the apps out there.

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