File not saved - tracks not in an album directory

The 'File not saved- tracks not in an album directory' message

I've had a couple of queries as to what "File not saved, tracks not in an album directory" means.

This message is displayed when you click the 'why?' link. The message relates to whether bliss could store a separate album art file in the same directory as the tracks of the album.

This message can occur for a number of reasons. bliss tries to work out whether the directory in which the tracks are stored is used exclusively for that one album. Otherwise, some music players may use the artwork as the art for other albums. Sometimes you may have a directory that stores multiple miscellaneous tracks from different albums. I've used tools before that apply incorrect album art to my music and I have no intention of writing another!

Here are the checks bliss makes. If any of these checks fail, bliss won't store a separate image file and you'll see the above message:

  • The name of the directory holding the tracks must be similar to the ALBUM_NAME tag of the tracks
  • All the tracks in the directory must have similar album names and artist names
You may ask what constitutes "similar". Here are a few of the heuristics used:
  • If the two names are the same, ignoring case, they are similar
  • If the two names have a levenshtein difference of less than 25% of their average length, and both names are over three characters long, they are similar
  • For album names, common 'disk artifact' (e.g. "Disk 1", "Volume II") labels are stripped out and the names recompared
  • The artist name can be stripped out of the album name for comparison
  • Extraneous punctation is stripped out and the names recompared

So, bliss tries to apply some leniency to the assessment, but if your folder name is very different to your album name bliss won't attempt to save a separate image file.

You'll notice this doesn't affect the compliancy of the album. This is because bliss assumes your file and folder names to be a conscious decision on your part.

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