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Changing the size of the album artwork in your music library is useful for a number of reasons:

  • The mp3 files, if the art is embedded within, are smaller
  • Some portable music players don't display art that's too large
  • You might want really large art to display on your TV or iPad.

Resizing your entire library when you have thousands of albums can take a long, long time. bliss helps by allowing you to specify minimum and maximum sizes as a rule. Once you apply the rule, this is what bliss does:

  1. Checks that the art is within your specified dimensions
  2. If the art is too large, and you have chosen to auto-overwrite, the art is shrunk by bliss
  3. If you chose not to automatically overwrite, the album is marked as uncompliant and you have the chance to begin resizing manually
  4. If the art is too small, it is marked as uncompliant
  5. bliss finds new alternatives to your current art that fall within the size constraints.

Here's a video of me resizing art in a small collection.

That's my first video, so be easy on me!

bliss changes your album art size in bulk, automatically, according to your rules. It saves you time and works methodically through your entire collection.

Thanks to the gloriously named Ferrari + caballos + fuerza = cerebro Humano's for the image above.
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