Automatic library management for large music libraries

A tidy music library

bliss assesses your entire music library against your rules to ensure consistency, correctness and completeness.

For ginormous libraries

bliss is written to organize large music libraries. Its automatic rules make working with large libraries easy.

Runs on servers

bliss can be run and accessed on NASes, home servers and music servers, as well as 'normal' computers and laptops.

For people who care about their music collection

Download album artwork automatically with bliss

Album cover finder

bliss is an album cover finder that is simple, fast and accurate. bliss finds and installs album art automatically. bliss is fully automated and can even add album art to your music in the background, as you add the music to your collection. bliss uses both reputable and expansive sources for its album art.

Assess your current music file and folder structure

Music folder organizer

Organize your music files and folders by specifying a file organization pattern. bliss then synchronises your tags with your file names. Choose from different tags to include in the file organization pattern, and how you want to treat whitespace. You can perform the changes automatically if you like, ideal for large collections.

Filter genres into a defined subset

Automatic music organizer

bliss works by applying rules to your music library. When you add an album to your library, bliss automatically assesses the album against your rules. If the album is non-compliant, bliss decides a fix to make sure the album obeys the rule, and optionally applies it automatically.

A simple, automatic organizer to find album covers, fix music file paths and much more

Album covers (sometimes also called 'cover art') really improve your digital music experience. It makes it easier to navigate your music collection because it's easy to recognise albums. Plus album covers can be a great talking point when you show your music collection off to your friends!

Are album covers not displaying in your music collection? The first reason might be that art is missing from your music library. If artwork is missing, you could go and find the covers yourself, then use a music tagger like MP3Tag to install it for you. But for 100s or 1000s of albums, that's a lot of work. bliss is an album cover finder that finds art online automatically, using reputable databases to ensure high quality matches.

What if you know you have the covers, but it just isn't displaying in your music player? There are a number of possible reasons. Different music players have different rules. Some require artwork to be embedded within music files. Others only allow album covers which are of a desired resolution or data size.

By configuring your album cover rule within bliss, you can state how large or small your art should be and make sure all of your existing art also complies!

Take a look at the quick start cover art tutorial.

You can also manually change art, either from a list of suggestions bliss finds automatically, or by uploading your own art or providing a URL.

When music is added or updated, bliss assesses any new albums to make sure they have cover art, finding and installing any missing art, and letting you know if it cannot. bliss works in the background, unobtrusively watching your music collection. bliss has a Web based user interface, which means it is accessible from anywhere on your network, or even across the world.

And it's not just album covers. bliss also organizes music files and fills in missing tags. Genre categorisation rules allow you to take control of your MP3 genres.