Renaming and moving music files and folders

If a track file's expected location differs from its actual location, this means the track is non-compliant. When a track is non-compliant, bliss offers a fix to move or rename the file. This fix is avaiable in two places: either the album overview screen against each album, or in the file organisation page for any one album.

In the album overview screen, a link titled "Fix all file paths" appears next to the album. Clicking the link will correct all file paths that differ from the expected path within this album. This will also trigger re-assessment and, hopefully, the album should be refreshed and newly "Compliant".

The file organisation page offers more detail and more fine grained control. Here, you can also trigger the same "Fix all file paths" fix for all tracks, but also trigger individual fixes for individual tracks/files. Either way, re-assessment occurs a few seconds later.

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