Running an update

When the Update button is clicked to initiate an update, bliss goes through a five stage process:

  1. First, bliss checks that all the updated code is available.
  2. Next, bliss downloads all the parts of bliss that have been updated. Normally this adds up to a download much smaller than the normal bliss installer size.
  3. Once all the new parts of bliss are retrieved, the bits that need updating are stopped
  4. The new parts of bliss are then updated...
  5. ... and finally the updated parts of bliss are restarted

Although I wrote "the bits that need updating are stopped", this doesn't mean the bliss application is stopped. bliss is written in a 'modular' fashion such that different parts of bliss, such as the user interface, the underlying platform and its integrations to MusicBrainz are separated and can be swapped in and out while it is running. By default, the bliss application keeps running when it is updated.

During the updating process bliss shows a 'spinner' icon in the update bar. The total length of time for updating bliss depends on how many modules need to be updated, but it can take several minutes depending on your Internet connection. The largest depending factor is your Internet connection speed. Typically, when updating, bliss will download up to 40MB of data. On a 2Mb/s Internet connection this will take up to ten minutes to download, and thus install.

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