In bliss, you configure rules which are used by bliss to assess your music and, if your music doesn't "pass" the rule, generate fixes to make sure it does pass the rule.

For tag correction, bliss assesses your albums by comparing them with online records of albums. If your tags diverge from the online database's records, this is when bliss marks an album  Non-compliant. Fortunately, because bliss has a record of the data that diverges, it can suggest an alternative.

Configuring bliss to fix tags

Assuming bliss is installed and running, visit the settings page by clicking the 'cog' at the top-right - (if this is the first time you have run bliss you'll get the option to visit that page automatically). You'll get the settings page:

first screen settings

Click Add rule buttoon, find the Check tag accuracy rule and then click Configure to set up the rule. The tag accuracy settings will appear:

Check tag accuracy

Select the tags that should be assessed for accuracy and click the Add rule button.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the form and click Apply rules.

At this point, bliss begins scanning your music library, and will check your music contains accurate information.

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