Changing art manually

Once the assessment is complete and any automatic fixes applied you can change the art for an album manually. Click the change art icon (the one that looks like a pencil), or one of the assessment parts exposed by the 'why' link. You will be taken to the 'change art' screen.

Change art manually
The change cover art screen

The change art screen allows you to choose art bliss has found from different sources. When you access the change art screen bliss immediately starts to download these alternatives; it takes a few seconds because of the throttling described above. Art is looked up on the MusicBrainz and Discogs databases and also a more general search via Google; this can be useful for rare recordings or bootlegs. Sometimes it also shows up generally applicable images you may want to use, such as an image of the artist, band, orchestra or similar. Click on any image to zoom in, and click the 'Choose cover art' button to set the art for this album. bliss makes sure the art is saved in accordance with your cover art rules, i.e. embedded and in a file called cover.jpg,png,gif or whatever.

There's also an option to provide a URL manually. Click the 'Provide' link and enter the URL. Note: it is possible to use a file based URL for this in the form:

... as long as bliss has access to this URL (if bliss is running on a separate computer and you provide a file URL, the file must exist on bliss's computer).

This concludes the First steps... tutorial. Hopefully you've learnt a little about how bliss works and what you'd expect to see when you use bliss. The next step is to download bliss and begin fixing your cover art!

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