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Assessment of cover art and automatic installation

Now you have applied the rules, bliss is assessing each album against the rule and, potentially, automatically fixing what it can.

first time in progress
Your music being assessed and potentially fixed in the album overview screen

The album overview page in bliss shows each album, ordered by name, in a grid. Once the cover art has been recognised this will be shown, otherwise a CD case with no cover is shown. While bliss is assessing an album, it is marked 'Unknown'. This changes to 'Compliant' or 'Non-compliant' once the results of assessment against your rules are returned. Albums can be filtered by their compliance and by the first letter in their name.

So what's happening during assessment? We configured two rules - save the art into an image file with a configured name and make sure art is embedded. If either the image file or the embedded art is missing, bliss decides on an automatic fix to (in order): (1) re-apply any existing art (for instance if the embedded art exists but the image file doesn't: save the embedded art into the image file) or (2) download art from the Web. The fix is run (this costs one 'fix' in terms of licensing, per album) and hopefully the album is now 'Compliant'. If there was no art to re-apply and there was no art found on the Web from trusted sources then the album will remain 'Non-compliant' and you should choose your own cover art from a wider range of possibilities (we'll come to that later!).

The assessment/fix cycle runs for all albums on initial startup, and then whenever an album is either changed or added.

How long does it take? It depends on the rules. For instance, for the cover art rule there are two main sources of slowness: (1) embedding art tends to take a long time, depending on the speed of your hard disc or network if mounted and (2) performing Web lookups are throttled to avoid excessive calls to friendly free music databases such as MusicBrainz and Discogs. Generally, on my home server I see about one album scanned per second on average, but this is not necessarily a representative sample!

Once an album has been fully assessed and has been marked either 'Compliant' or 'Non-compliant' you can find out why by hovering over the album and clicking the 'why?' link. This expands different parts of the assessment, which generally relate to aspects of the rules you configured. For instance, the assessment for the co-located file is separated from the assessment for embedded art. You can click on any of these to see more detail about the individual assessment.

First time assessed overview compliant
Drilling into the reasons for [non]compliance
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