What's in a debug archive?

A fair question... in theory all manner of information could be compiled here! The debug archive is a file openable in any software that can open ZIP files. Inside you'll find several files. Unless otherwise specified, all of these files can be opened in a text editor and viewed:

Contains the version of bliss and environment variables such as the location of your user drive, temporary directory, your language and more.
The rules that are active and used to assess your music.
For each album, a list of the linked and unlinked releases found online.
logs [and] javaLogging-logs
A list of everything bliss has done in the past.
A snapshot of all your albums with their current compliance.
Any currently executing items. In practice, rarely populated.
Your current rule settings, e.g. maximum size of cover art.
All of the tags in all of your music files that bliss has scanned.
A snapshot of what bliss is doing right at the moment you take the debug archive.
memoryDump[some more text]
If bliss ran out of memory, a snapshot of what was in memory at the time. These files are binary and cannot be viewed in a text viewer.

When reporting problems using bliss it's always best to send a debug archive. See How do I create a 'debug archive' for instructions on how to create one.

Any other FAQs I forgot or clarifications required? Post your ideas below!