How do I create a 'debug archive' to help the bliss developers with a problem?

Sometimes you might need to talk to the bliss developers to solve a problem or get some guidance as to the best way to configure bliss.

When this occurs it's best to send as much information as possible about your music library and your use of bliss so far. bliss includes an ability to collect all this information and provide it to you as a ZIP file which you can then send to the bliss developers to help in the diagnosis.

The easy way

The easiest way, if bliss is running as normal, is simply to click the Help link and then the Download debug archive button.

The ZIP file will be downloaded to your hard drive. You can then attach that to an email or, if the file is large, ask for a Dropbox folder to be sent to you to which the file can then be uploaded.

The hard way

Well, it's not so hard... but if the bliss user interface is not working, for whatever reason, you might be able to generate the same archive by going to:

	http://[location of bliss]:3221/debug

The [location of bliss] varies depending on where bliss is running. If it's just running locally, this will be 'localhost', i.e. http://localhost:3221/debug

Those of a curious nature may be interested in What's in a debug archive?

Any other FAQs I forgot or clarifications required? Post your ideas below!

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