What others say

"[bliss] grabs album covers for your music collection, and it does it automatically, it does it in the background, it does it with a Web interface and it's very cool if you happen to run a Squeezebox or keep your music collection on a large hard drive. [...] I think it's a great tool. [...] The user interface through the Web GUI is great. If you want album art, it's the best way of getting it."
Graham Morrison, Tux Radar podcast season 2 episode 3

A little background...

Dan says... I grew frustrated at there being no album art program for Linux that I could run both on my laptops and my home server. I wanted something automatic, that ran in the background and in bulk. So I wrote one! Let me know what you think of bliss, and how it can be improved.

Linux album art

bliss is a fully automatic album art manager that can be installed on Linux. bliss has a Web interface which means you can access it locally, anywhere on your network, or even anywhere in the world with your favourite browser!

Faster, easier, effortless

bliss runs in the background, applying the album art rules you define. Once started, it will download, embed, install and resize your album art according to your rules without you even having to monitor it. bliss notices when you have added new music to your collection, and automatically applies the album art rules to the new music.

Ideal for different distros

bliss is a Java application which delivers its user interface as a Web application. You access it with your browser as you would any other web site. It runs on any distro that supports Java 1.6, such as Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE. It also works in tandem with popular music players like Squeezebox Server, Amarok and others.

Command line installer

bliss has both a command line and a GUI installer. For Linux, bliss comes as an executable JAR file. You must install Java 1.6 or later to install bliss. Once downloaded, either execute the JAR file to display the GUI installer, or run this from the command line to run the command line installer:

java -jar bliss-install-20240612.jar -console

For more Linux-oriented instructions on installation, see Linux install