Is your music library management a misery?

Rule-based music library management is a new way of managing your digital music library. It offers fast, consistent and straightforward management of your digital music.

The old way

  • Decide how you want your music organised
  • Work out how the tags must be structured
  • Use a tag editor to make the changes to all of the music files

This takes a long time and it is error prone - you must be consistent for your entire collection. It's easy to get tired and make a mistake.

When you want to reorganise your music you must follow the steps above all over again.

The new way

  • Decide how you want your music organised
  • Create a rule that describes the organisation
  • Tell your rule-based music organiser to apply the rules

This is faster; you do not have to perform changes yourself. It makes for more consistent results; a computer does not get tired and make mistakes. It is more straightforward; just create the rule and go.

It's much easier to change your mind. For example: don't want album art embedded in your files anymore? Then just change the rule and apply it!

bliss is a rule based music library management organiser. bliss can be run as a server on a home network. bliss will monitor your music library for changes and, when new music is added, will apply the rules you have set. Download bliss by clicking the link below.