A little background...

Dan says...I run my own Squeezebox Server at home which stores all my music and plays it all around the house. I noticed I spent a lot of time managing and organising my music collection, and as the collection grew the problem got worse. This is why I developed bliss, a way of managing album art fully automatically.

Manage album art on your home server

bliss is a fully automatic album art manager that can be installed on home servers. bliss has a Web interface which means you can access it anywhere on your network, or even anywhere in the world with your favourite browser!

Faster, easier, effortless

bliss runs in the background, applying the album art rules you define. Once started, it will download, embed, install and resize your album art according to your rules without you even having to monitor it. bliss notices when you have added new music to your collection, and automatically applies the album art rules to the new music.

Ideal for Windows Home Server and Linux servers

bliss runs on common server operating systems like Windows Home Server and Linux. It has been developed with home server environments in mind. It also works in tandem with popular music servers like Squeezebox Server, Sonos, Windows Media Center and others.