Pay-as-you-go or all-you-can-eat?

What's a 'fix'?

bliss is licensed 'per fix'. bliss can 'fix' a number of things in your music library: the size of cover art, the location of music files and more. Every fix bliss makes to your music library costs you one 'fix'.

This applies per-rule, so if the cover art and the music files are renamed for one album that costs two fixes. Just using the cover art rule? Then that's one fix per album. bliss tells you how many fixes you have and how many you need to complete its work.

What about the 100 free fixes?

bliss comes with one hundred fixes for free. This is so you can judge whether it is useful or not. Once bliss has fixed the cover art for one hundred albums, you need to buy extra fixes.

How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

If you're not thrilled with our software, we don't deserve your money. Simply contact us and we'll process your refund within the day.

What if I buy 2500 fixes but then decide I want unlimited?

... then I'll give you a refund for any 2500 (or 250) fix licences you have purchased (up to the value of the unlimited licence).

Can I install the licence on another computer?

Yes, so long as it works on a music library owned solely by you, your household or organisation.

Can I pay in another currency?

Sure, you can pay in USD, Euro or GBP.

Can I get bliss for free?

We give away unlimited licences to journalists or bloggers willing to write about bliss. Email us letting us know about your blog or equivalent and we'll send you a free unlimited licence (plus one to give away to a reader)

What about future versions?

New versions of bliss are released regularly, normally one or two per month. Both licence options allow you to use your fixes in all versions for the following year, from date of purchase.

Once the year is up you'll still be able to use your fixes, but you won't be able to use them in a newer version.

At that point you'll be offered a further year's updates at a discounted rate, currently £9 (or your local currency equivalent).

Can I buy a renewal online?

You can purchase a renewal online or in the app.

Can I use bliss to organise multiple libraries?

Yes, so long as you or your business or household own the libraries.

How do I add new fixes to bliss?

Once you have completed the purchase, will receive a licence code which you can supply to bliss as follows.

  1. Open the bliss web UI.
  2. Click on the licence link at the top of the page, in the middle. It will say something like "123 fixes left".
  3. Scroll down the page and click "Re-enter an existing fixes code".
  4. Paste the code into the text box under "Install your code".
  5. Click "Install".

Once pasted into bliss this will update your fix count and complete any outstanding work that had been stalled before.

I need a quote to purchase bliss for work

Email us with your name, organisation's name and address, any tax ID (e.g. VAT or state sales tax) and any other email addresses of people that should be 'kept in the loop'.