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Our customers and users have been saying a lot of nice things about bliss. Here are a select few quotes:

I use iTunes, and I was a bit taken aback when I realized the album was not showing up when using the Sonos app. Then somewhere in a Sonos blog I read about BLISS. AWESOME! Thanks for making this project a whole lot easier for me!
Aaron Brown, US
[bliss] grabs album covers for your music collection, and it does it automatically, it does it in the background, it does it with a Web interface and it's very cool if you happen to run a Squeezebox or keep your music collection on a large hard drive. [...] I've been looking for something like this for a long time [...] I think it's a great tool. [...] The user interface through the Web GUI is great. If you want album art, it's the best way of getting it.
Graham Morrison, Tux Radar podcast season 2 episode 3
It works! It also gives you the choice to manually select the correct art when the automatic choice is not quite right. I'm no computer bod and even I found it easy to use.
Nigel Little, North Yorkshire, UK
I just ran it [bliss] overnight. What sold me was when I viewed my music library the following morning. Nearly everything had artwork. [...] I did not want to be without bliss. It has saved so much of my time. [...] Thank you for a useful tool.
You have created by far the best music artwork finder I've tried. It is exactly what I'm looking for. It's simple to use, visually clean and uncluttered, and the results are accurate and quick.
Matt M, UK
Congratulations, bliss is a wonderful bit of kit [...] You have a really great tool in bliss.
Paul Allcock, UK
*blush*! You want more?
bliss is the only program of its kind out there and its unbelievably easy to use.
Zach Adams, US
bliss has become indispensable part of running my music server.
Tim Hodgson, UK
Super simple to configure & it amazing! Has saved me hundreds of hours!
Ricky Owens, New Zealand
I think your product is excellent, it is so easy to work with [...]. An easy to use cover art finder that is simple to use.
Lee Thomas, UK
A really nice web interface, it seems to do everything I require, I just dump my pre-tagged mp3s in the root of the watch, and it'll sort them, add the covers, and even put them in the right folders!
Heathen, Somerset, UK
The result of the bliss music library scan is perfect. Just set a few parameters and got professional results. really amazing.
Joachim Stein, Germany
[I liked] The ability to mass edit my large (150 GB) MP3 library with ease.
Shane - Missouri
Simple and easy to use and does a mind numbingly boring job well.
Richard - UK
Thank you for your quick and helpful responses to my issue. I think good customer service makes a good product great, and I think you have done a nice job with bliss. I will be happy to recommend bliss to anyone that I know who is looking for a product like this.
Richard Bade - Christchurch, New Zealand
It is a Swiss Army Knife of audio file organization and tagging. Never have I experienced so much "power" in one easy to use program.
Dr. JK Balog - USA
Thanks for the excellent support and program. I don’t pay often for software, but this one I payed for with pleasure ! It works for me when I sleep, when I am at work or play with my children. And when I have that sneaky little moment of time to listen to my music, it serves me with great artwork on my Squeezebox, on my PC or any DLNA-client for that matter
Wim van Eupen - Belgium
I like the fact it's a one stop, automated solution that addressed the issues I had - that being getting artwork and sorting file/folder locations.
Darren Williams - London
It setup and worked its way through my music collection within minutes.
A.D. Walmsley - Hull, UK
bliss is the correct word to label this program, because it will be true enjoyment to finally have a program that is rule-based and will provide file art and sort capabilities.
'CwazyWabbit', UK
Automatic Cover Art function- saved me from HOURS of work embedding cover art!
Tom Canavan - NJ USA
I like the fact that I can use this application to move files in a way that is intuitive and easy to set up.
Frank Friel - Oklahoma, USA
it works in the background and applies rules consistently; it also searches for lots of different res cover art from multiple sources and lets you choose your preferred option.
Chris - London
Still more?
I can find the album art that I like very easily, rather than searching the web for it. Out of 700 albums, there has only been one instance of album art that I couldn't find.
D. Asherman, USA
I think bliss is fantastic! My music collection has never looked so good with all the artwork.
Mark Jackson, UK
I was struggling with my Synology NAS, Itunes, and Squeezebox for more than 1 year getting things running faster and never had a proper list of album art etc etc. Frustrating me on and on. Now with Vortexbox and Bliss I'm happy as a child!
Koen Quicken - Netherlands
This is working great with the Squeezebox.
Mads Pallisgaard, Denmark
Even with my "weird" collection (plenty of norwegian originals, australian and such) an amazing "hitrate".
Harald Bilke - Germany
I happen to have a fairly large flac music collection for my squeezebox, often enough without artwork [...]. Your most excellent tool, which does work on Linux ( thanks for that ), has just saved me quite a few hours of work.
D.S., Paris
I tested "bliss" yesterday and it did a great job. All my CD-Covers are now available on my Sonos Remote Control.
Dani Bucher, Switzerland
A fantastic product [...]. The help and support is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend Bliss to anyone who's considering using it. Just do it!
Lee Thomas, UK
Your advice was spot on and has sorted the album art and non compliance issues for me! Bliss is excellent and your commitment to customer support is a very refreshing and welcome especially when you're not tech savvy!
Mike Leach, UK
Brilliant Tool, I have lots of music I have collected over the years and needed to sort them out. I thought this would be a week project but with your software took about two hours to do... Brilliant.
Chris Whitehead, UK
Automated cleanup of my Music folder. Very easy to use.
M.Clausen, Denmark
[...] Although I already had album art for almost all of my library, I had a need to display that on a big(ger) screen and the smaller dimension art looked terrible. After a lot of searching online [...] I stumbled over bliss. Identifying artwork that didn't meet my desired dimension size was exactly what I was looking for and automatically fixing most of the 'non-compliant' was just icing on the cake.
Scott Moore, Canada
Made it all the way down here and you still want more? Check out the bliss Delicious tags for bliss_testimonial and bliss_press.