Consolidating music genres with bliss

bliss organises large digital music libraries. It aims to deliver a music library that is as beautiful to look at, browse, search and navigate as it is to listen to.

A common problem in music libraries is out-of-control genres, where multiple genres of varying specifity or generality are assigned to different albums. For example, the album Led Zeppelin may be assigned a genre of "Rock", while Led Zeppelin II may be assigned "British hard rock blues". Such fragmentation is a cause of frustration because the explosion in number of genres makes a music library more difficult to navigate.

This is a tutorial about using bliss to consolidate genres in your music library. It begins assuming bliss has already been installed and is ready to start. The goals of this quick start guide are:

The intended audience is any user of bliss who wants to reduce the number of genres in their music files, and make their music library easier to browse. Users of any of the popular music players such as iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Squeezebox, Sonos and more can be affected by out-of-control genres.

Already know about tags, how genres are stored and just want to jump to the main part of the tutorial? Then start with Configuring bliss to consolidate genres.

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