How do I restart bliss on VortexBox without restarting the VortexBox?

VortexBox is a free operating system that turns a computer into an easy-to-use music server. It's possible to install bliss on a VortexBox to handle artwork, file locations and various tagging and organisational chores.

Sometimes you might find a reason that you want to restart bliss. The simplest solution is to restart the VortexBox, but that might not be desirable for a number of reasons.

To restart bliss without restarting VortexBox, you must first log into the VortexBox.

Once logged in, there are four commands that are of use. The first is:

	service bliss status

This tells you whether bliss is currently running. Presumably it is... So issue:

	service bliss stop

This stops bliss. You can verify this by trying to refresh the bliss user interface in your browser.

Now, time to start again:

	service bliss start

After a few seconds (give it ten or so!) the bliss user interface should be accessible once more from your browser.

You can combine stop and start by issuing:

	service bliss restart

Hope this helps!

Any other FAQs I forgot or clarifications required? Post your ideas below!

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