Does bliss work with Norton SONAR?

Norton SONAR is a piece of security software for Windows computers that attempts to recognise security threats by the software's behaviour. For example, if the software performs certain online activities. SONAR's default behaviour is to stop the software and remove the executable file, making the software unusable.

For some reason, bliss has in its history been identified as a threat by Norton SONAR. I have never received a reason from Symantec as to why, despite several users of bliss having submitted false positive reports, but I think there's a chance this could happen again.

If you find that SONAR is stopping bliss running and removing bliss.exe, you can add an exception to SONAR by following these instructions from Symantec.

It would also help to submit to Symantec a report that bliss is a legitimate application. This can be achieved via the False Positive report form. Here's what to enter:

  1. Click 'While using an application', 'Next'
  2. Click your 'Norton Internet Security 2012 or Norton AntiVirus 2012', 'Next'
  3. Click 'SONAR', 'Next'
  4. 'Take me to the submission form'
  5. 'Name of detection given by Symantec product': bliss.exe was removed
  6. Don't upload a file
  7. 'Notes regarding issue': Upon starting bliss.exe I received a message stating bliss.exe had been removed. After adding an exclusion for the parent folder, bliss.exe worked fine. bliss is a legitimate commercial application, see
  8. Click 'Send to Symantec Security Response'


Any other FAQs I forgot or clarifications required? Post your ideas below!

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