How do you remove an album with bliss?

You cannot remove individual albums from the bliss user interface. Workarounds exist, but they depend on your use case:

Albums that have been removed from your music folder

If you have removed an album from your music collection, bliss should observe the deletion of files and remove the album within a few minutes. This requires bliss to be listening to file changes, i.e. in the "Play" rather than "Pause" mode.

Play and pause mode

Here bliss is in "Play" mode; it is listening to file notifications.

If you removed the album when bliss was not running, or was in paused mode, bliss won't have been told of the file notification. In this case, and in any case where the deletion of an album has not been detected by bliss, the workaround is to clear and rescan. This works because bliss's database is cleared and a new file scan is enacted. As the files no longer exist, they won't be notified to bliss and no album will thus be recognised.

Albums that are still present in your music folder

There may be some albums you have that you don't want to see in bliss. The workaround to remove them from bliss is to mark them as ignored, then perform a clear and rescan.

To mark the files as ignored, use bliss-ignorefiles and bliss-ignorefolders. If you have a folder of music files, create an empty file in the same folder named bliss-ignorefiles. If there's a whole tree of folders you want to ignore, a single bliss-ignorefolders in the parent will suffice.

Then, clear and rescan.

Deleting music files

In addition, bliss does not support deletion of files from your music library. If this would be a useful feature, please vote for it.

Any other FAQs I forgot or clarifications required? Post your ideas below!

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