Can albums and artist be accessed directly in the web interface?

Artists and albums in bliss can be accessed via a permalink which, so long as the artist or album name remain the same, can be used to access each respective entity directly.

A real advantage of having these stable permalinks is that they can be used for bookmarking, to come back to later.

Artists and albums can be accessed directly by simply typing their name in the URL field:

Typing artist name directly

This then shows:

A resulting artist page

Note that your browser will "escape" special characters such as spaces and replace them with URL encoded equivalents (in the case of a space, that's %20).

Albums can also be accessed directly, with a slightly different prefix. Here are the current prefixes available for permalinks:

URL pattern Example
/artists/[artist name] /artists/Kings Of Leon
/album/[artist name]/[album name] /album/Massive Attack/100th Window

Any other FAQs I forgot or clarifications required? Post your ideas below!

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