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Company description

elsten software write software to make music libraries manageable. elsten software's flagship product is bliss - - a fully automatic digital music organizer aimed at people with ginormous music collections, stored on NASes or home servers.

bliss product description

bliss is a fully automatic music organizer, aimed at people with large music collections, typically self stored on NASes or home servers (but it also works on locally stored collections too). bliss works by describing how you want your library organised and then does it; meaning less twiddling and more listening.

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Talking points

You can write what you like about bliss (!) but here're the key themes I concentrate on when describing the software, to differentiate it from other tools:

  • bliss works fast, because it is automated. Finding your own cover art and then installing it yourself and then realising it's too small is a painful process. bliss automates that.
  • bliss fixes your music library, but then importantly it keeps it fixed, by automatically assessing new music against your defined rules.
  • bliss makes a music library more navigable and searchable by imposing consistency across your music library. If you want to make sure all your album names follow the same case rule convention, simply change the rule and go. If you add music, the convention is applied to the new music.
  • All of your music becomes useable, because music that isn't tagged is picked up by bliss's Untagged page, to ensure your library has its metadata complete.