bliss is supported on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and later. Here's how to get started:

Download bliss

If your download isn't already in progress, click here to download

(Optionally) install it

bliss is packaged as a .dmg file. Depending on your security settings either Safari will open this automatically, revealing the bliss app, or you must double click and 'mount' the file, revealing it in Finder. Simply drag this to your Applications directory, and run from there. You can also create a shortcut to bliss in the Dock.

Run it

bliss can be run from within the .dmg file, from the Applications directory or a shortcut on the Dock. Double-click the bliss icon, and bliss will load in the menu bar, on the right-hand side. Click the icon and Safari, or your default browser, will load the bliss UI.