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Find, download and install new album artwork

bliss is an automatic album artwork finder. It downloads and installs missing album art for your digital music collection, using reputable and accurate online databases such as MusicBrainz, Discogs and Amazon to find the correct art for your music and install it automatically.

Album art installed as you require

Album artwork assessment

With bliss you specify once how your album art should be stored in the album art rule. Embedded? Large? Small? You specify how it is stored, then bliss takes the art it has identified, either existing or new, and applies your rules.

Embrace (or change!) existing album art

Change album artwork

bliss doesn't just find new art, it's a great interface to update, resize or replace your existing art. If you have existing art bliss does not overwrite it, but it will find some alternatives, such as larger or smaller art, art for the same release in different countries, and import versions of albums. (1) All it takes is one click, and bliss will install any alternative as you have specified in your rule. (2) If you already know the art bliss should use, you can provide the URL and bliss will install it according to your rules.

Embed, store and even resize!

Album artwork settings

(1) bliss saves album art to a separate file in this directory. You can choose the name of this file. (2) bliss embeds album art within the music files themselves, by default. (3) Bulk resize existing art in your music collection and only download and install new art that falls within these sizing constraints. Coming soon, (4) ensures your artwork is never too large. Ideal for Sonos users!

Bulk installation for large music collections

bliss is written specifically to manage large digital music collections. bliss performs installations automatically, when it is sure it is doing the right thing. If it isn't sure, it asks you to choose from a range of options. bliss works to your rules, and so, say, bulk embedding existing art is as simple as specifying that you would like album art embedded and then letting bliss do the embedding of new or existing art for you.

Art for rare recordings, bootlegs and podcasts

bliss also uses Google to search for album art. It won't install Google results automatically, but it will present them as an option for you to use.

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