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One click tagging

One click tagging

bliss is an automatic music tagger that is simple, fast and accurate. When bliss sees an untagged file in your music collection it creates an audio fingerprint and uses this to find information about the music. This is then presented to you with one button to tag the information inside the music file. You can even tweak the information yourself!

Reliable, accurate, large database of music information

Reliable, accurate information

The information for bliss's auto tagger is sourced from, a vast online database of over three million albums, maintained by diligent and fastidious researchers.

Supports multiple file formats, not just MP3

Not just MP3!

bliss supports several music file formats. As well as MP3, it supports FLAC, MP4 (.m4a, .m4p, .m4b), WAV, AIFF, DSF, Apple Lossless, OGG, WMA and Real Audio formats.

A simple, automatic tool to automatically tag untagged MP3s

Tagging is an important part of organising your computer audio library. It's the tags that provide the album name, artist name and further information to allow you to search, browse and navigate your music. Without tags, finding the music you want to play becomes extremely difficult.

Sometimes, when ripping CDs, you may find there's no information in the resulting music files. This can happen when you have a temporary Internet disconnection during ripping, or when the information source the ripper uses fails to find relevant information for your CD. bliss fills in those missing tags with information from the vast database.

To use bliss to auto tag music, simply choose your music's root folder which contains your untagged albums. bliss will find any untagged albums and attempt to find information for them. It presents any information it finds in an easy to read list which can then be customised before the tagging is finally applied.

Once the tags are applied, the newly tagged album will join your other albums in the bliss 'album' view. From there you can apply all of the rest of the bliss rules, such as organizing music files and finding and installing album artwork automatically.

Take a look at the quick start cover art tutorial.

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