The Music Library Management ebook

New to computer based music? Don't know your MP3s from your FLACs? This ebook introduces you to the essentials of building, maintaining and protecting your precious computer music library.

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An ebook ideal for new owners of music servers and networked home music systems such as Sonos or Squeezebox.

Brought to you by...

The MLM ebook was written by the music organisers extrordinaire at elsten software limited, creators of bliss, the fully automatic music library organiser.

Learn how to...

  • Acquire music from different sources
  • Store your music efficiently and with flexibility
  • Organise your library so it reads as well as it sounds
  • Add album art to your library
  • Protect your music to avoid disaster

What's in the book?

The Music Library Management E-book is divided into four sections:

Download music

Acquiring new music

Best practice for ripping CDs, including a discussion of lossless versus lossy music files and how to avoid common pitfalls. The best ways of finding, purchasing and downloading music on the Internet, with a focus on acquiring lossless audio.

Store music

Storing your music

Where and how to store your music files. How each file format differs in the space they consume, industry trends in home digital storage and how different types of hardware devices can be used to store music files.

Organise music

Organising music

Making your collection easily browseable and searchable. How to correct mis-labelled music, fix inconsistencies in musical metadata and find metadata where it is missing. How to name and organise the music files and folders themselves. Importantly, how to find and install album artwork.

Secure music

Securing your music

The different threats that can affect your music library, accidental, malicious, human, machine, physical and digital! Ways of mitigating the risk, discussing file system authorisation and backups; automation, scheduling and location.