Simple, automatic MP3 tagging.

Effortless MP3 tagging for large music collections.

"The most impressive aspect of Bliss is the way it runs in the background and therefore keeps your music library in check based on the rules you set"
— Mark Harris,

Find tags automatically

Tags are found on reputable online databases.

Change tags with one click

Change once per album. No multi-select nonsense.

Works in the background

No interruptions!

bliss is software for music lovers, audiophiles, anyone that cares how their music collection is organized

Congratulations, bliss is a wonderful bit of kit [...] You have a really great tool in bliss.

Paul Allcock

The result of the bliss music library scan is perfect. Just set a few parameters and got professional results. Really amazing.

Joachim Stein, Germany

I have a fairly large FLAC music collection for my Squeezebox. Your excellent tool has saved me quite a few hours of work.

D.S., Paris

A simple, automatic tool for maintaining correctness and consistency in your digital music collection

We've organized our digital music collections for years with manual 'music taggers'. We select files, we multi-update, we've-tried-to-remember-the-genres-we-use and then we curse as we scroll through our playlists and find inconsistent artist names, years of release and split compilations. As your digital music collection grows, the manual tagging approach becomes more error prone and requires more effort. bliss works the other way, by allowing you to specify rules by which your music collection is assessed and then automatically fixed.

bliss works in the background, unobtrusively watching your music collection. When music is added or updated, it automatically assesses the music against your rules, fixing what it can, and letting you know if it cannot. bliss has a Web based user interface, which means it is accessible from anywhere on your network, or even across the world.