A little background...

Dan says... I use EasyTAG at home, it's a good tool for inspecting my music files in detail. It gets annoying when I want to edit my entire music collection though, because I have over 500 albums. This is why I wrote bliss: to make management of large music libraries easier.

I already use Mp3tag (or Tag & Rename, EasyTag et al)

Great! Mp3Tag is one of a number of music 'tagging' programs. They allow you to open up music files such as MP3s and edit information ('tags') about the music within. Other examples are Tag&Rename and EasyTAG. These tools allow a lot of control over how your music is organised. Best of all: many are free!

I use iTunes to listen to music

iTunes is a good music player, but it's less good at organising music. Furthermore, its album art capabilities are lacking.

So why should I use bliss?

Existing free music taggers offer a lot of control, but you have to be disciplined in how you use them. For large collections it becomes difficult to maintain tag consistency across your music library (for instance: of the genres by which your music is categorised). It also takes quite a long time to perform the tagging, so tiredness can mean either mistakes are made or corners are cut. Imagine if you change which music player you use which requires your music is organised in a different way: you must subsequently change all of your tags, and you must remember these 'rules' for the next time you use the tagger.

bliss is different to other music taggers. Instead of allowing you to edit tags in music files directly, bliss allows you to specify rules which it then applies to your music library for you. This means bliss can achieve a higher level of consistency across your music library. bliss can also be run on a server, where it will run in the background and apply your rules automatically whenever you add new music. This means it is bliss that does the music editing, saving you a lot of effort and maintaining a consistent library.

A perfect combination

bliss can be used together with a free tagger. Free taggers are excellent for detailed work, figuring out how your music is currently tagged, and playing with different possibilities. bliss comes into its own for long term, continuous management of your music library.