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Album covers for The Rolling Stones

Here are the album covers for albums by The Rolling Stones, found during bliss's long running cover art lookup test. For information about the test, please read about the bliss cover art lookup test.

The Rolling Stones are an English rock band that originated in London and were founded in April 1962. The group initially consisted of Brian Jones on guitar and harmonica, Ian Stewart on Piano, Mick Jagger on lead vocals and the harmonica, Charlie Watts on drums, Keith Richards on guitar and backup vocals and Bill Wyman on bass guitar. Although Jones became the initial leader of the band, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards replaced him mainly because they were the ones who wrote most of their songs.

The band became immensely popular in Europe and together with The Beatles, they invaded the United States as their albums began to unleash their amazing talent, making them all the more famous particularly in the rock genre. They released a total of 22 albums in the United Kingdom and 24 albums in the United States with tracks that had a place in the billboard charts almost as soon as they have launched them. They were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 while the Rolling Stone magazine has given them the fourth place under the category of 100 Greatest Artists of All Times. The Billboard Magazine stated that they are number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 Top All Time making them the second most successful rock band (after The Beatles) in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Because of these achievements, their group has become a household name, with their popularity continuing, evidenced by the success of newer albums such as A Bigger Bang (2005).

Their songs have been greatly influenced by rhythm and blues, soul music, jazz, progressive rock, soft metal and other traditional genres that made them one of a kind in so many ways.

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`Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!´ artwork

`Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!´

A Bigger Bang artwork

A Bigger Bang

Aftermath artwork


Beggars Banquet artwork

Beggars Banquet

Between the Buttons artwork

Between the Buttons

Big Hits artwork

Big Hits

Bridges to Babylon artwork

Bridges to Babylon

December's Children artwork

December's Children

Dirty Work artwork

Dirty Work

Emotional Rescue artwork

Emotional Rescue

England's Newest Hit Makers artwork

England's Newest Hit Makers

Exile on Main St. artwork

Exile on Main St.

Five by Five artwork

Five by Five

Flashpoint artwork


Flowers artwork


Forty Licks artwork

Forty Licks

Gimme Shelter artwork

Gimme Shelter

Goats Head Soup artwork

Goats Head Soup

Got Live If You Want It! artwork

Got Live If You Want It!

Hot Rocks 1964–1971 artwork

Hot Rocks 1964–1971

It's Only Rock 'n Roll artwork

It's Only Rock 'n Roll

Jump Back: The Best of The Rolling Stones artwork

Jump Back: The Best of The Rolling Stones

Let It Bleed artwork

Let It Bleed

Let It Bleed

Let It Bleed"

Live Licks artwork

Live Licks

Live'r Than You'll Ever Be artwork

Live'r Than You'll Ever Be

Love You Live artwork

Love You Live

Made in the Shade artwork

Made in the Shade

Metamorphosis artwork


More Hot Rocks artwork

More Hot Rocks

No Security artwork

No Security

No Stone Unturned artwork

No Stone Unturned

Out of Our Heads artwork

Out of Our Heads

Rarities 1971–2003 artwork

Rarities 1971–2003

Rewind artwork


Rock'n'Rolling Stones artwork

Rock'n'Rolling Stones

Shine a Light artwork

Shine a Light

Singles 1963–1965 artwork

Singles 1963–1965

Singles 1965–1967 artwork

Singles 1965–1967

Singles 1968–1971 artwork

Singles 1968–1971

Singles Collection: The London Years artwork

Singles Collection: The London Years

Slow Rollers artwork

Slow Rollers

Solid Rock artwork

Solid Rock

Some Girls artwork

Some Girls

Some Girls

Some Girls"

Steel Wheels artwork

Steel Wheels

Sticky Fingers artwork

Sticky Fingers

Still Life

Still Life"

Stone Age artwork

Stone Age

Stripped artwork


Sucking in the Seventies artwork

Sucking in the Seventies

Sympathy for the Devil Remix artwork

Sympathy for the Devil Remix

Tattoo You artwork

Tattoo You

The Rolling Stones artwork

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones in Concert artwork

The Rolling Stones in Concert

The Rolling Stones No. 2 artwork

The Rolling Stones No. 2

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus artwork

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

The Rolling Stones, Now! artwork

The Rolling Stones, Now!

Their Satanic Majesties Request artwork

Their Satanic Majesties Request

Through the Past, Darkly artwork

Through the Past, Darkly

Time Waits for No One artwork

Time Waits for No One

Time Waits for No One: Anthology 1971–1977 artwork

Time Waits for No One: Anthology 1971–1977

Undercover artwork


Voodoo Lounge artwork

Voodoo Lounge