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A little background...

Dan says... Personally I'm loathe to submit my contact details to Apple just so I can access the album art for the music I already rightfully own. Instead, I use bliss to access the album art online and install it for me automatically. I also can find artwork for cover mounted CDs, bootlegs and other rare recordings using bliss.

Why isn't my album art complete in iTunes?

iTunes downloads album art but it only has one source: the iTunes music store. This means that any art not in the iTunes store will not be found. This can include art for popular artists such as Kid Rock and AC/DC. It also means a lot of independent musicicans are not included, so rarer recordings will often have missing album art.

You must also have an iTunes store account to access the art. If you don't want to register an account: no album art.

bliss completes your iTunes album art by searching different, reliable and authoratitive sources for album art. It additionally searches using Google, to find art for rare and less mainstream releases.

bliss works on the music files in your iTunes library, but is independent of iTunes and can work with other music players too. bliss does not read the iTunes database, and so does not display album art already discovered in iTunes. If you choose to "Get Info" from your music files, this will overwrite any existing iTunes art for an album.

Why is some album art inaccurate in iTunes?

iTunes has particular trouble finding art for compilation records and records with multiple artists featuring on them. bliss is written to cope with your entire music collection, compilations or albums alike.