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iTunes album art installed, automatically

bliss automates the process of finding and installing album art for all of your music. It does this in bulk, meaning album art completeness is just a few easy clicks away! It downloads art from multiple sources, which means it can install art for all of your music, not just the mainstream releases. It can resize art so whatever device you use to listen to music, it will be able to display your precious album art.

Bulk installation and embedding

iTunes can look for and install cover art from the iTunes music store. It also has a bulk mode. However, when it works in bulk it does not embed the art in the music files, meaning when you transfer or export music outside of iTunes you lose the art!

bliss works in bulk mode most of the time, watching your music collection and installing art when new music is added. It embeds art in the music file, so all MP3 players, regardless of manufacturer, can access and display the art. Result: portable album art, installed quickly and easily.

bliss works on the music files in your iTunes library, but is independent of iTunes and can work with other music players too. bliss does not read the iTunes database, and so does not display album art already discovered in iTunes. If you choose to "Get Info" from your music files, this will overwrite any existing iTunes art for an album.

Resize iTunes album art

iTunes does not let you resize the art in your collection. Some MP3 players will not display art of a certain size.

Album art size is one of the 'rules' within bliss. You say what size your album art must be, and bliss makes sure all your music has art of that size. If the art is too large, bliss can resize it.. If it's too small, bliss can find alternatives on the Web.