Download album cover art automatically

  • Fast album cover art downloader software
  • Easy automatic cover art installation
  • Change album cover art easily

100 albums fixed free!

Effortless, accurate

bliss runs in the background, so it watches for new music and then downloads your cover art automatically. Install it on your laptop, desktop or even a home server and and watch it work via your browser.

Discover rare art

bliss can find art from all over the Internet. It's great for finding art for rare recordings, such as cover mounted CDs, bootlegs and live recordings.

bliss is for...

  • Those who like their music just so
  • Those with large music collections
  • Those with home servers
  • Managing Squeezebox and iTunes album art

What others say

I think it's amazing. I'd spent ages making sure I had album art attached to all my files, but when I bought a Logitech Squeezebox it didn't pick up any of the album art I'd painstakingly put together. bliss sorted that out, very easily, very cleverly and for a very reasonable cost. One of my favourite pieces of software, it deserves to be much better known.
Allister Young, Bristol, UK
The world's best automated album art updater for music collections. Spectacular software that has saved me countless time
John Chester, UK
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